Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to Download Music from Spotify Easily

Hi guys. I recently used the service of Spotify with a free account. So, many people ask me HOW TO DOWNLOAD MUSIC FROM SPOTIFY?. So I decided to seek and make some tests and I found a SIMPLE WAY to DOWNLOAD MUSIC FROM SPOTIFY.

So, Then, I decided to write a short tutorial to teach the method. This Method is Working 100%, (I hope lasts a long time) and you can download Music from Spotify in good quality.

Ok, from download the music, just, follow the instructions below:

Sign Up in Spotify, in this link:  a free account is working fine. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A ACCOUNT, GO TO STEP 2

Download and install Spotify PRO Downloader 3.6, from the link below:


Password: 1234

Run the official APP of Spotify for desktop. Locate the music you want to download. Right-click on it and "Add to new Playlist". In the new Play list, Right-click and select "Copy URI Spotify"

Run the Spotify Downloader and in the menu select: "Import Spotify Playlist". in the textbox copy the URI Spotify and press download.

Wait a few minutes and your song is downloaded!

Thanks, See you next time!

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